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Amina Zeenni

Board Member   |   DPT, MO, DU, Cred. MDT

Licensed physical therapist, established Ayadi Amina, in 2013, as physical therapy clinic only, developed to be a multidisciplinary paramedical clinic, in early 2017.

Worked at M.A.R.S. Co. for two years (2001-2003).

Founder and director of physical therapy department at Zarif Medical Center on 2003 and practitioner in that clinic till 2013.

Founder, owner and director of Ayadi Amina Clinic (www.ayadiamina.com) since 2013.

Professor of active mobilization techniques course for the second year of fundamental physical therapy studies at Lebanese university (2009-2012)

Assistant professor of dorsal and costal osteopathy for the second year of master in osteopathy and Manuel therapy at saint Joseph university (2012-2015)

  • 2016: doctor in physical therapy, DPT
  • 2015: accriditated in Mc Kenzie, cerd.MDT
  • 2010: university diploma in traditional Chinese medicine, UD TCM
  • 2008: master in osteopathy and Manuel therapy, MO
  • 2001: diploma in physical therapy